PayPal Enables Online Payments to Emporia Rotary Club

Posted by Alex Mosakowski
The Emporia Rotary Club now has a PayPal account, which we will be trying out for a year. This means you can now use PayPal for handling dues, sending Happy Bucks, and making donations for End Polio Now. Our PayPal page is available on our club website ( at the top of the screen. 
How do I use PayPal?
Clicking on the "donate" button will take you to our PayPal page. Enter the amount you wish to pay and select where the money should be designated. If you wish, you can make it a regular, monthly donation (must have a PayPal account). You can then choose to pay using your PayPal account or your Debit or Credit Card. 
Is there a fee?
PayPal is free to use, except when you receive money from a purchase or send payments using a Debit or Credit Card. If you choose to send a donation or payment using a Debit or Credit Card, a transaction fee will be taken out of your payment. The transaction fee for Debit or Credit Cards is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. There is no fee if you send a donation or payment using your bank account.
Do I need a PayPal account?
A PayPal account is not required, but it is recommended to avoid sending payments with transaction fees. A PayPal account is the only method that allows you to send payments linked to your bank account, thus avoiding any transaction fees.
How do I set up an account?
You can sign up for a free personal account at You will be asked to verify your phone number, e-mail, login credentials, name, and address. You will then be asked to link your account to a Debit/Credit Card and/or bank account. You can link your account to multiple payment options and select a preferred payment option. You will be asked to confirm two small deposits to your Debit/Credit Card and/or bank account. It will take 3-5 business days for these deposits to appear in your bank account and will be withdrawn within 10 days.
Can I use PayPal on my phone?
Yes, you can download the PayPal Mobile App. You can send payments to our PayPal link: or search for us by our e-mail at You will not be able to select a designation for the payment, so make sure to let our treasurer, Dan Robertson, know.
For further questions, ask Alex Mosakowski at
PayPal Enables Online Payments to Emporia Rotary Club Alex Mosakowski 2020-12-21 06:00:00Z 0