Tom Mais PHF + 7

Tom Mais was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow + 7 for his strong commitment to the Rotary Foundation. Thanks for your strong support, Tom!
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Kiel Unruh - ESU Womens' Basketball

Fast play, shoot 3's and cause turnovers is the mantra for this year's ESU women's basketball team, according to assistant coach Kiel Unruh. Coach Unruh, who earlier coached at ESU for five years, decided to return to ESU five years ago after an opportunity to coach with Coach Brandon Scheider at SFA. With some recent big wins under their belt, the Lady Hornets are now nationally ranked 23rd in the country. Strong community support is a hallmark of ESU women's basketball, with a top six ranking in the country for 22 years of stellar attendance. 
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Craig Doty - ESU Men's Basketball

Building a strong culture is a priority for Crag Doty, Hornet basketball coach at Emporia State University, whose teams have won three national championships. Coach Doty added seven freshmen to his roster this year in an effort to create a team that will be dominated by four-year players. Doty is enhancing the academic profile and the community profile of his team. He is pulling in players who have strong basketball credentials through a maximum of ten athletic scholarships, and bolsters the aid that his players get through academic scholarships. This young team is doing well in the MIAA conference so far. 
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Amanda Cunningham -  Crosswinds

Keeping people in the community is one of the goals of Amanda Cunningham, Executive Director of Crosswinds Counseling & Wellness.  Started in 1960, Crosswinds is one of 26 community-based care centers in Kansas. Due to recently improved funding from the State of Kansas, Crosswinds funding is finally back to where it was in 2006 before drastic cuts were experienced in state funding of mental health programs. More clients are being served now, and there is less stigma for the conditions experienced by a portion of our population. 
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Rotary Grocery Grab

Posted by Jim Wayman on Nov 23, 2019
The winner of the First Rotary Grocery Grab in Emporia "grabbed" a carload of groceries into her grocery carts!
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Dictionary Distribution

Posted by Jim Wayman on Nov 19, 2019
Several area elementary school principals joined us at our club meeting prior to our dictionary distribution to all area third graders.
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Rotary Foundation

Posted by Jim Wayman on Nov 19, 2019
Richard Duncan provided lots of information on the Rotary Foundation and what it does for good throughout the world.
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