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Posted on May 22, 2018
During July and August, our Rotary Club meets twice per month on the following dates:
  • July 10
  • July 24
  • August 7
  • August 21
On September 4, our weekly meetings will resume.
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Posted by Jim Wayman on May 15, 2018
Rotarian Tom Mais introduced Jeannie Jensen, Senior Pastor of the First United Methodist Church, who presented to our club the ongoing mission in Guatemala, the Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Mayan (ODIM). Breaking the cycle of malnutrition and poverty is the over-reaching goal of ODIM in Guatemala, and they seem to making progress with a 40% reduction of malnutrition in their first year. 
Guatemala's people:
  • 15.5 million people
  • 20 = average age
  • 60% are indigenous Mayan
  • 4 rank in the world for chronic malnutrition
  • 76% live in extreme poverty
  • 72% never finish primary school
ODIM's activities focus on addressing the educational and health care issues of the indigenous people of Guatemala. Two clinics built see between 5,000 and 7,000 people per year. 
The following are some of the programs and services that are provided:
  • community programs
  • medical teams
  • construction teams
  • diabetes program
  • Healthy House program - reduces dirt floors in homes to create a healthier environment
  • scholarship program - tutoring, school supplies to get more kids through school
  • adolescent youth program - Reduces teenage pregnancies
Several years ago, our Rotary Club donated radiology sonogram equipment that is in use in the clinics. This equipment has proven to save lives of these indigenous Mayan people. Several of our Rotary Club members have made several trips to this area to work in this special ministry over the past several years.
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Posted by Jim Wayman on May 08, 2018
If there is anything that gives you a good feeling about our Emporia Middle School students, it is to watch the Interact Club members describe the projects in which they are involved. Andy Hawley is the sponsoring teacher who does a great job in guiding this group of active teenagers. The club members choose projects to help their school, help their community and help the world. Our Rotary Club sponsored the start of this club at the Emporia Middle School. This same group helped with our Dictionary Project this year by attaching the project labels inside of the front covers of each dictionary provided to Emporia third graders.
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Posted by Jim Wayman on May 08, 2018
Ashley Peterson was recognized by our Rotary Club as an outstanding ESU Teacher Education Graduate. She has been in Finland, and brought back a Rotary Club banner by the Rotary Club in Jyvaskyla.
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Posted by Jim Wayman on May 01, 2018
Ken Weaver, Dean of The Teacher's College at Emporia State University and a member of our Rotary Club, presented three outstanding teacher education graduates. Edwin Rios, Ann Thimesch, and Amanda Simon each told their stories to our club. It was evident in their presentations that they shared a passion for what they are doing and are going to be great representatives of Emporia State University as professionals in the education field. 
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Apr 24, 2018
Our Rotary Club recognized the top graduates of the Flint Hills Technical College at our club meeting. FHTC President and Rotary Club member Dean Hollenbeck made the presentation.
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