Mickey Edwards - Restoring Women's Housing

Posted by Jim Wayman on Jun 08, 2021
Fellow Rotarian Mickey Edwards, the Executive Director of the United Way of the Flint Hills, talked to our club about current efforts underway to try to restore women's housing services in Lyon County after Plumb Place stopped providing services. Mickey started meeting with several agencies providing services to women in the area, including representatives of SOS, Corner House, ECKAN, CrossWinds, the United Way and Kansas Legal Services (among others). It was quickly determined that the services provided by Plumb Place were not duplicated elsewhere in our area, especially for women with children. It was determined that it would cost $850,000 to $1 million to renovate the Plumb House to current standards for housing of women with children. Selling the Plumb House would probably realize $250,000 to $300,000 that could probably be used toward establishing similar services at another local location. It was determined that no local non-profit had the means to take over the current Plumb House, restore it and maintain it for these kind of services. Selling the current Plumb House is now being considered. The funds from the sale would be used by another non-profit agency that could take over the mission of providing housing for women with children and a homeless emphasis. It may be possible for another non-profit to take over the current 501(c)(3) organization to escalate the process.     
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Rotary Club In-Person Meetings Begin June 8

Our in-person Rotary Club meetings begin on Tuesday, June 8 at 11:45 at the Emporia Country Club West Room.
Our meetings for June, July and August will be on the second and third Tuesdays of each month:
  • June 8 and 22
  • July 13 and 27
  • August 10 and 24
We are looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Judge Merlin Wheeler

Posted by Jim Wayman on May 25, 2021
  Chief Judge Merlin Wheeler of the Fifth Judicial District was our guest at our Rotary Club meeting held on Zoom. Since March of 2020, remote judicial hearings have been conducted. This past year has been one of an escalation of many planned changes. Over four thousand remote hearings have occurred since July 2020, and change and flexibility will be the rule going forward. Covid relief funds have contributed toward a technology fund that has paid for upgraded electronics in the courtrooms with live streaming that can be viewed on YouTube. Jury trials have recently resumed, with a current backlog of 70 cases is in the process of being caught up. The effects of the pandemic have opened access to hearings and the judicial system through the use of electronics, and a new case management system will be going live in August. Judge Wheeler provided several views of the courtroom from which he was broadcasting. Salaries, however, have not been competitive of late due to inaction of the Kansas Legislature. 
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Jacque Wellnitz, New Rotary Club Member

Posted on Apr 27, 2021
Mickey Edwards sponsored Jacque Wellnitz, who was inducted as the newest member of our Rotary Club. We are honored that you joined us, Jacque.
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ESU Teachers College Rotary Awards of Excellence

Posted on Apr 27, 2021
Our annual Teachers College Rotary Awards of Excellence was introduced by Rotarian Dr. Ken Weaver. Dr. Joan Brewer, Dean of the Teachers College introduced each recipient of this year's awards, along with why each was nominated for their award:
  • Katherine Beckley
  • Stephanie Castillo
  • Johnathan Helfrich
  • Sister Mary Teresa Laville
  • Hannah Lingard
  • Tayler Loudermill
  • Evan Porter
  • Dalton Watts
It as easy to see why each was chosen as an outstanding Teachers College graduate.
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ESU Track & Field

Posted by Jim Wayman on Apr 13, 2021
Steve and Erin Blocker, both track & field coaches at ESU for the past 12 years, talked about their program. Steve as the head coach commented how proud he is of his team. They put in intensive efforts and they consistently see results from his team moving up from the top 5s to the top 3s. Steve has a knack for developing winners in a blue collar program that gives everyone a shot. Here are several examples from the current team:
  • Alyssa Conway throws the hammer, is a provisional national qualifier, and is ranked 8th in the nation in NCAA Division II.
  • Megan McManis is a freshman pole vaulter who is only six inches short of being a national qualifier.
  • Xavier Hall is ranked 4th nationally in the NCAA Division II in 110-meter hurdles.
  • Travis Morrison is a shot putter who is ranked 7th in the NCAA Division II.
ESU is planning to host the NCAA Division II Outdoor Track & Field Championships in 2024 and 2026.
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Lifestyle Empowerment for Alzheimer Prevention

Posted by Jim Wayman on Apr 13, 2021
Erin Blocker, the ESU Pole Vault Coach, also leads the LEAP! Program that is growing by leaps and bounds and finding new ways of meeting people's needs. In 2019 Erin and LEAP! impacted 593 people, but in 2020 12,797 individuals were impacted! More people it seems want to develop more healthy lifestyle practices. From a concern for aging adults, LEAP! focuses on brain health, and teaches six lifestyle factors related to the brain. Through a collaboration with Mobilizing Literacy, monthly in-person family workshops have been formed that help parents of young families develop lifestyle behavior changes. 
Go to the website https://eblocker3.wixsite.com/leap4esu and browse through exercise videos that you can do at home, or find out about workshops on stress management, sleep and physical activity. 
The LEAP! program is partially funded by the United Way of the Flint Hills, and Erin is working on obtaining grants to hire a graduate assistant.
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Rotary Club Signature Project

Posted by Jim Wayman on Mar 23, 2021
Rotary Club President-Elect Alex Mosakowski lead a discussion among our club members on ideas for a future signature project for our club. The type of projects we are looking for highlights a community issue, ones that set our club apart from others, and are repeatable. Several ideas were brought up and discussed. More ideas are encouraged from everyone. These ideas will be discussed further at our Rotary Club Board Meetings. 
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Rotary Club Distributes Books to Emporia Kids

Here are a few pictures from kids showing off their own books that they received from our Rotary Club through our donation along with a Rotary District Literacy Grant. All the photos will be uploaded to a photo album on our website soon. 
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PayPal Enables Online Payments to Emporia Rotary Club

Posted by Alex Mosakowski
The Emporia Rotary Club now has a PayPal account, which we will be trying out for a year. This means you can now use PayPal for handling dues, sending Happy Bucks, and making donations for End Polio Now. Our PayPal page is available on our club website (rotaryemporia.com) at the top of the screen. 
How do I use PayPal?
Clicking on the "donate" button will take you to our PayPal page. Enter the amount you wish to pay and select where the money should be designated. If you wish, you can make it a regular, monthly donation (must have a PayPal account). You can then choose to pay using your PayPal account or your Debit or Credit Card. 
Is there a fee?
PayPal is free to use, except when you receive money from a purchase or send payments using a Debit or Credit Card. If you choose to send a donation or payment using a Debit or Credit Card, a transaction fee will be taken out of your payment. The transaction fee for Debit or Credit Cards is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. There is no fee if you send a donation or payment using your bank account.
Do I need a PayPal account?
A PayPal account is not required, but it is recommended to avoid sending payments with transaction fees. A PayPal account is the only method that allows you to send payments linked to your bank account, thus avoiding any transaction fees.
How do I set up an account?
You can sign up for a free personal account at www.paypal.com. You will be asked to verify your phone number, e-mail, login credentials, name, and address. You will then be asked to link your account to a Debit/Credit Card and/or bank account. You can link your account to multiple payment options and select a preferred payment option. You will be asked to confirm two small deposits to your Debit/Credit Card and/or bank account. It will take 3-5 business days for these deposits to appear in your bank account and will be withdrawn within 10 days.
Can I use PayPal on my phone?
Yes, you can download the PayPal Mobile App. You can send payments to our PayPal link: http://paypal.me/rotaryemporia or search for us by our e-mail at rotaryemporia@gmail.com. You will not be able to select a designation for the payment, so make sure to let our treasurer, Dan Robertson, know.
For further questions, ask Alex Mosakowski at amosakow@gmail.com
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