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Posted on Jan 08, 2019
Rev. Phyllis Stutzman of the Emporia Presbyterian Church explained the purpose of Family Promise of the Flint Hills. This organization is looking for sponsors to assist the families of homeless Emporia students by helping provide relief and temporary housing needs.
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Nov 27, 2018
Mike Hudson brought Gail Milton to tell our Rotary Club about the compelling story of an organization called Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. This organization was started by some fed-up Moms after the Sandy Hook School shooting incident. This group supports the Second Amendment, but is fighting for better gun laws. They claim that background checks are a deterrent to gun violence that makes sense and is responsible government. The numbers certainly point to more gun violence occurring. Over 200 school shootings have occurred since Sandy Hook. Year-to-date 2018 there have been 47,220 gun incidents. 96 Americans die every day from gun violence. 
Many of the common behaviors of those instigating gun violence in public places are as follows:
  • personal grievance
  • history of criminal charges
  • a significant stressor occurred in their lives in the last five years
  • financial instability
  • serious concerns evident among others who know them (if you see something, say something)
  • have possession of firearms illegally
  • males age 15-66
For more information, go to
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Nov 20, 2018
Emporia High School Principal Britton Hart presented some student members of the EHS site council along with the the site council president, Chris Nigrete. Senior Kaelin Rodriquez, Junior Angie Morales, and Sophomore Osmin Posada each presented an element of the subjects discussed by the site council. They explained how the site council gets parents involved with their school, gets feedback to help them be the best that they can be, communicates with the public on activities that are occurring in the school, and educates parents and families on emergency protocols. 
This group also communicated an opportunity to get involved and engaged with EHS by attending the Emporia High School Community Summit Tour on January 11, 2019. There are two meetings scheduled at the EHS Library: 
  • 8:00-9:00 a.m.
  • 12:00-1:00 p.m.
Those involve will learn about various programs at EHS, including Health Science, FLEX, AVID, FFA HydroPonics Greenhouse, JAG, AMPED, Intensive Skills and Life Skills, Geometry in Construction, Weights/Fitness Center, and Art. Call 341.2365 for more information.
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Posted on Nov 19, 2018
Plan now to bring family members as guests to our December 18 Rotary Club meeting. We will be entertained with Christmas music by Emporia High's Viva de Voce. You will have an opportunity to sign up your guests during club meetings in advance so that we can properly plan for adequate meals. The cost per guest meal will be $10.
There will be no club meetings on December 25 and January 1.
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Posted on Nov 13, 2018
Tom Mais was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow + 6 for his continuing outstanding contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Thank you, Tom!
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Nov 13, 2018
Dawn Young, EAC Executive Director, and Kaila Mock, Children's Program Coordinator, provided everything we need to know about the Emporia Arts Center's Summer Arts Classes, for which our Rotary Club has been providing funding from contributions to our Happy Bucks. Started in 1997, the Summer Arts Program has seen outstanding growth in participation in recent years:
  • 2016: 428 children; 80 adults
  • 2017: 509 children; 134 adults
  • 2018: 753 children; 167 adults
A rundown of children' programming includes:
  • Mobile Literacy Classes
  • Kids Concert Series
  • Clay Classes (kids and adult classes)
  • Sketch Club
  • Shaping the Future:  A Young Artist Exhibition
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Nov 13, 2018
Sharon Tidwell was elected as President of Rotary Club of Emporia for the 2019-2020 club year. 
Other members were elected to these Rotary Club positions for the 2019-2020 year.:
  • President-Elect Robin Newell
  • Vice President Shirley Antes
  • Treasurer Dan Robertson
  • Secretary Jim Wayman
  • Foundation Richard Duncan
  • Membership Teresa Maley
  • Social Media Rachael Correll
  • Service Barbara Wry
  • Past President Jami Reever
  • Board Member Marshall Miller
  • Board Member Alex Mosakowski
  • Board Member Don Miller
  • Board Member Harvey Foyle
  • Board Member Shane Shively
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Nov 06, 2018
Jeanny Sharp is our newest Rotary Club member, and was sponsored by Barbara Wry. She joins our club as an Associate Member. Jeanny has been visiting our club for the past month or so. Please make a point to get to know Jeanny. She is the Advertising Sales Director with The Emporia Gazette. Welcome to our club, Jeanny!
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Nov 06, 2018
Susan Rathke of the Emporia Convention and Visitors Bureau introduced Teresa Mitchell from Emporia State University's Educational Theatre Company, who educated us on Emporia's Company L. This information was gained from interviews of several Emporians that were conducted by late Emporian Steve Hanschu about their life experiences and have been archived at the Lyon County History Center. The interviews were adapted into readings and brought to life through the Flint Hills Oral History Project.
We learned about Company L that originated in Emporia during World War I. This company of soldiers either from the region or attending college in Emporia started their training in a camp on the grounds of the Emporia Country Club for a period of time. Their training took them to Fort Sill in Oklahoma, to Liverpool, England, and then on to France for the last twelve months of the war.
ESU's Educational Theatre Company is portraying three soldiers who were part of Company L. Ryan Wollum, one of the ESU theatre students, portrayed Lt. Col Ellis Christensen during our meeting. As part of this week's Veterans Day activities in Emporia, Ryan, as well as two other theatre students, are portraying Lt. Col. Christensen, Col. Arthur Ericcsson, and Cpl. Andrew Fry. It was interesting to hear about how the soldiers were welcomed into the homes of people living in Emporia for meals on Sundays during their training time in Emporia.
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Oct 30, 2018
Newman Regional Health, like several employers in Emporia, is looking for some good people to fill several skilled positions that are unfilled right now.
Jim Crump, the Director of Imaging at NRH, has been an x-ray technologist for 33 years. His position has changed a lot over the years. Now he handles all digital images. Such positions at NRH are required to have good bedside manners since they work directly with lots of people. There is a lot of demand for people who hold the right skills to do this job. This job requires a two- or a four-year degree, and it has a $42,000 starting wage.
Calvin Murphy is a Lab Director at NRH, and has been a clinical lab scientist since 1991. There is currently a great need for lab scientists. Helping people is his passion. At NRH, most all of the testing is completed in-house.
Kaylene Leek is currently the Interim Director of the Intensive Care Unit, and has worked at NRH for the past ten years as part of the nursing staff. There are 53 staff members in this unit at NRH. There is a good career track for those with the right cultural fit. Seven nursing positions at NRH are unfilled at this time with nursing shortages nationwide. An entry-level position pays $22.00 per hour working three 12-hour shifts per week. 
It sounds like that there are quite a few positions right here in Emporia for young adults with the right skills.
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