Grocery Grab - Nov 21

Our Grocery Grab committee has been hard at work planning this event, which is the main fundraiser for our Rotary Club. It is on November 21 at 6:30 AM at Good's Cash Saver. Each member is responsible right now for selling 10 tickets for a chance at a shopping spree. Be selling those tickets and turn in the funds by November 10.
We are looking for volunteers for the Grocery Grab.  There are two different areas where we need people. 
First, help with and support the ticket drawing session.  This will be in front of Good's Cash Saver on Saturday, November 14 @ 9 a.m....... Six finalists will be named.  We are having the store manager draw the tickets.  We will also be arranging for media coverage.  Maybe 30 minutes at most. 
Second, help organize the final drawing for the winner of the grab.  Also, assist in taping off portions of the store, not eligible for the grab, operating the stop watches and whistles and cheering the winner on.  This will be at 6am on Saturday, November 21.  The "grab" will start at 6:45 am.  We need to do this prior to the store opening. 
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October 13 Rotary Club Program - OrthoKansas

Our meetings in October are the second and fourth Tuesdays, October 13 and 27. On October 13, our program will feature OrthoKansas, who is providing orthopedic services in Emporia.
Join us by Zoom connection at 12:00 Noon.
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Interact Club at Emporia Middle School

Posted by Jim Wayman on Sep 22, 2020
Rotarian Teresa Maley shared the excitement from the Interact Club at Emporia Middle School this week during our Zoom meeting. Our Rotary Club helped start this club in 2011, and during the last school year our club delivered to them seed money of $379 that was a combination of Happy Bucks ($229), plus $150 that we budgeted for this purpose. The group typically is made up of 10-15 students in grades 6-8. 
COVID-19 certainly didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the Interact members this past school year. EMS teacher Andrew Hawley continues to do a great job with this group. Teresa shared a video that they prepared. It tells their story in a great way. Check it out by clicking on the hyperlink whether or not you missed this meeting. It is contagious!
We hope to have the EMS Interact Club back at a "Big" club meeting again soon. They always enjoy the meat loaf!
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Garin Higgins - ESU Football

Posted by Jim Wayman on Sep 08, 2020
Tim North arranged for Emporia State University Football Coach Garin Higgins to speak to our Rotary Club. Garin is in his 14th year as head coach of the Hornets. He is the second winningest coach in ESU history behind Fran Welch.  The challenges and the cost of the NCAA-mandated COVID testing proved to be the stumbling block to a potentially promising season. The cost at the time of $90-$100 per test made the cost unworkable for the schools in the MIAA. The MIAA was one of the last two conferences that made the decision not to play. Will ESU play games in the spring? Probably not if testing continues to be mandated. The NCAA has allowed seniors one extra semester of eligibility to enable them to play their last season. ESU has two new coaches this year: Eric Moore from Southwest Missouri State, and Vincent Cashdollar from Manchester, Indiana.
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Rotary Club of Emporia Fund at Emporia Community Foundation

Posted by Dan Robertson on Aug 25, 2020
On our Rotary zoom call on August 25, 2020, we discussed the balance in the Rotary fund at ECF. The balance at 6/30 was $7,939. The balance as of yesterday was at $8,217. We need to get the fund to $10,000 in a three year period. This is our third year. We would like a push by members to get to this amount by December 31, 2020. If not we would need to go to the ECF board and see if we can get more time. We are $1,783.00 short. Divided by our membership of 64 members this would be just $27.86 a member. I know not all members will participate so it might take a little more from those of us that do. I am pledging to send a check for $100 and would challenge all others to do the same, or do what ever you feel you can do. If you are interested in donating to the fund to help us reach this goal you just need to mail a check made out to Emporia Community Foundation and mail it to 527 Commercial St., Ste. B, Emporia, KS 66801. Please note in the memo of the check "Rotary Club of Emporia Fund". We discussed this for the last three years, let's get it done this year! All contributions will be greatly appreciated and only used for the good of community services in the Emporia Area.
If you have any questions you can email me at or call me at 620-342-7641.
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