Posted by Jim Wayman on Apr 13, 2021
Erin Blocker, the ESU Pole Vault Coach, also leads the LEAP! Program that is growing by leaps and bounds and finding new ways of meeting people's needs. In 2019 Erin and LEAP! impacted 593 people, but in 2020 12,797 individuals were impacted! More people it seems want to develop more healthy lifestyle practices. From a concern for aging adults, LEAP! focuses on brain health, and teaches six lifestyle factors related to the brain. Through a collaboration with Mobilizing Literacy, monthly in-person family workshops have been formed that help parents of young families develop lifestyle behavior changes. 
Go to the website and browse through exercise videos that you can do at home, or find out about workshops on stress management, sleep and physical activity. 
The LEAP! program is partially funded by the United Way of the Flint Hills, and Erin is working on obtaining grants to hire a graduate assistant.