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Kansas Masonic Literacy Center

Posted by Jim Wayman on Jan 30, 2018
Kids are four times more likely to be successful if they are reading at the the third grade level by the end of the third grade than those that are not. 
The difference between less-advantaged homes and more advantaged homes in our society is a 30 million word gap in a child's first five years. This difference represents the number of words used, heard and read to between homes on one side of the poverty line versus the other. 
It sounds like helping our kids be successful starts early in life! This was the message from Dennis Keer, the Executive Director of the Kansas Masonic Literacy Center, whose goal is to provide:
  • Service to schools, teachers and students;
  • Service for families and communities at the Kansas Masonic Literacy Center;
  • Research for the betterment of literacy development.
The Literacy Center is funded by two grants: A $4 million grant from the Kansas Masonic Lodge that covers all of Kansas, and another $2 million grant for Lyon and the surrounding counties to promote kindergarten readiness. 
Some of the programs that are being encouraged by the Literacy Center include:
  • Mobilizing Literacy at the David Traylor Zoo last fall attracted over 150 people.
  • Reading Readiness Workshops for pre-school educators.
  • Dolly Parton Foundation funds a book per month for every child from birth through age 5.
  • One School One Book at Village School
For more information, go to the Kansas Masonic Literacy Center's website, www.