Rotary Club of Emporia

Frank Abart & Mark McAnarney - Managing City Infra-Structure

Posted by Jim Wayman on Feb 06, 2018
Frank Abart, Emporia Utilities Director and Mark McAnarney, Emporia City Manager both commented on the challenges of managing an aging infra-structure under our streets. In Emporia for the past three years, Frank's focus in Emporia has been identifying weak utility areas and systematically trying to replace or upgrade them ahead of failures. It is estimated that 20% of aging water mains will need to be replaced annually over the next few years. Here are some of the projects discussed:
  • Waste water treatment plant upgrades to meet Federal regulations at a cost of $28.6 million - Apr 2019 projected completion.
  • Recent replacement of a major transmission line at Prairie Street after a disruption that resulted in a boil order. 
  • Debris clog at the Neosho River water intake pipe.
  • Waste water sewage lift station replaced at Jones Park, and another is planned at another location.
  • Airport runway 500-foot extension is in the planning stages for better business jet accessibility and to meet FAA requirements.