Posted by Jim Wayman on Dec 22, 2020
Alice Dryer, Board President of the Emporia Senior Center, presented to our Rotary Club. The Emporia Senior Center on East 12th Avenue was started in 1983 by the Blue Key National Fraternity. Their current director, Ian Boyd, started in 2018, and has been busy creating policies and procedures to protect the organization. Ian has industriously been creating a new image as a busy community center for those 50 and over. Prior to the current pandemic, activities have included Bingo (as their main fund raiser), friendship meals, tax services, legal clinics , social and recreational activities, a senior disc golf league, health classes, card players, an exercise group, and pool players. Meals on Wheels served food at the center until the pandemic began. Ian helped the Senior Center sponsor Seniors Without Food from a Kroger grant that provides food and medical help to those in need. In January of 2020, the center replaced their walk-in cooler. A Christmas Gala in December 2019 netted $16,000. After the pandemic began, the center has mostly been closed to the public with ongoing improvements as help has been available. One example of their volunteer help has been Justice Painting volunteering their time to painting and cleanup work as they can. 
Watch for future new activities to take shape once the current pandemic environment allows. Their goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere with lots of activities for learning and visiting. It sounds like they are well on their way.