Rotary Club of Emporia

Emma Fornelli - Daughter of Coach Bob Fornelli

Posted by Jim Wayman on Mar 13, 2018
Greg Bachman introduced Emma Fornelli, who provided a whole different perspective of ESU baseball from her perspective of being the daughter of the team coach. As a senior at Emporia High School, Emma has enjoyed life at Emporia High as well as getting to participate in ESU baseball as a spectator who has an insight to what is really going on from knowing her father. Her baseball vocabulary is much higher than her non-baseball peers, even though she and her sisters don't even play the game except the occasional game of catch in the back yard. Some of her lesson learned:
  • When you make a mistake, learn from it and move on.
  • Losing builds character.
  • Have a bigger picture than yourself...there are other players on the team, too.
  • Keep your head up
Emma's immediate future is to study biology at KU.