Posted by Jim Wayman on Nov 12, 2019
Brad Loveless is the Secretary of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism for the State of Kansas, and told our Rotary Club that Kansans have earned a reputation for being very hospitable to our visitors. Surveys from visitors indicate that this warm hospitality is what visitors like, and what draws people back for repeat visits to our state. Kansas ranks high among visitors for our quality hunting that is sustained year after year. Cheyenne Bottoms close to Great Bend is the largest inland waterland in the U.S. Kansas has two new parks - Badlands State Park in Logan County, and the Flint Hills Trail connecting Osawatomie in the east and Herington in the west, passing through the towns of RantoulOttawaPomonaVassarOsage City, Allen, BushongCouncil GroveWilsey, and Delavan, a total of 117 miles when it is completed.
 This state department is not funded by general funds of Kansas. It's funding is dependent on money raised from licenses and permits purchased by people enjoying the Kansas outdoors, and leveraged by Federal funds.