Program this Week: District Governor Adam Ehlert
Rotary District Governor Adam Ehlert will be on hand to help with the induction of the new officers of our Rotary Club.
Dr. Randy Watson - Kansas Commissioner of Education
Rotarian Ken Weaver introduced Randy Watson, the Kansas Commissioner of Education, who was in Emporia for part of the activities of the National Teachers Hall of Fame Induction. The Commissioner carries out education programs as directed buy the State Board of Education. Kansas is in the top 10 states in the nation in several different metrics. He leads their vision of leading the world in the success of each student. Dr. Watson talked about the future of education in Kansas. The State Board is challenging districts in the state to redesign schools that have high engagement between students, teachers, and the communities that they serve. He reported that Kansas schools will soon experience the baby boom echo...higher numbers of kids being born and entering local schools.
Sam Purohit Attends RI Convention
 Sam Purohit attended the Rotary International Convention held in Atlanta earlier this month. He reported that it was exciting to be there to see the many things that Rotary is doing around the world and to interact with so many Rotarians who are actively accomplishing so many things. He reported getting to meet the grandson of Arch Klump, the Rotarian responsible for starting the Rotary Foundation 100 years ago. Click HERE to see highlights of the Rotary International Convention.
Matt Brown - Handlebars of Hope
Stuart Symmonds introduced Matt Brown, owner of High Gear Cyclery, who started a ministry called Handlebars of Hope. Matt's story started several years ago when he saw the hopelessness and poverty of the people living in a Mexican community with one of the highest crime rates in the world while on a missionary trip. Matt brought along on that same trip a few bicycles and gave them away to the locals, as well as completed some needed repair work on bicycles for the local families. He realized how appreciative that these people were for what he did, and how they deeply depended on low-cost bicycle transportation to hold down a job and make the lives of their families much easier. 
Returning several times to this same area in later missionary trips, Matt's ministry grew and began to take shape. This past winter, Matt and his family spent three months living in the area, working with United for Christ, helping the families with bicycle repair work and developing relationships with the families that continue. His plans are to teach some of the local people to run their own bicycle repair shops in the future. His ministry helps to bring hope to the lives of the people he touches as he shares the love of Christ among the people there. 
This same ministry has extended here in Emporia as Matt has reached out to groups like SOS and the Men's Shelter by teaming up with others to provide bicycle transportation to those who are otherwise in need. This story is a great testimony of how God is working in Matt and his family to provide for others in need, while sharing the love of Jesus.
Barbara Wry - Paul Harris Fellow + 5
Rotary Club Foundation Chairman Richard Duncan recently recognized Barbara Wry with her Paul Harris Fellow + 5 for her continuing contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Congratulations, Barbara!
Bill Barnes - Paul Harris Fellow + 4
​​​​​​​Rotary Club Foundation Chairman Richard Duncan recently recognized Bill Barnes with his Paul Harris Fellow + 4 for his continuing contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Congratulations, Bill!
Judy Schade - Paul Harris Fellow
Rotary Club Foundation Chairman Richard Duncan recently recognized Judy Schade with her Paul Harris Fellow for her contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Congratulations, Judy!
Gerilyn Henrikson - An Adult Memoir
Gary Ace introduced Gerilyn Henrikson, a teacher, an author, and the wife of Rotarian Duane Henrikson. Gerilyn presented a great program about a few events in her and her family as told in one of her books, Seven to One - My Life Measured in Dog Years. Gerilyn presented a delightful sketch of humorous events of her family during periods of the life of the many dogs that they owned. Thanks, Gerilyn, for a great program. 
By the way, does anyone remember the meaning of unctuous? The definition as Gerilyn indicated is excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily.
Camp EE Project:  COMPLETED
After $7,000 of funding and some 330 hours of work by several members of our Rotary Club, the Lions Club and the Kiwanis Club, this project is completed. Thanks to the leadership of Rotarian Barbara Wry for applying for and acquiring the Rotary grant for funding to complete everything needed, and for managing the acquisition of supplies, cabinets, and labor for improvements that will be felt for a long time by the youth of this region. As usual, great job, Barbara!
What follows is an account in the Emporia Gazette written by Barbara of the Camp EE Project:

I wanted to share some additional information regarding the facility upgrades at the Double EE Girl Scout camp over the last fall and spring.  This project was completed with well over 300 volunteer hours on the part of the Kiwanis’s, Lions and Rotary club members.  

In the fall, the two kitchens were demolished and removed from the cabins.  Evergreen Construction provided a dump truck for transport off the location.  The cabins, which are built of cement block, had been partially painted.  Primer and top coat were applied to the walls of both cabins and repainted.   In addition the plaster board ceiling in the larger cabin was taped, plastered and painted.  With painting completed, the Kiwanis installed new cabinets in both cabins, as well as installing a new door to the Hamann cabin.  A door was blocked in the kitchen, allowing for a more functional space.  The gazebo has been repaired and will be painted.  

Big thanks to Shumann Electric, who moved the electric pole from the middle of the parking lot and cleaning up electrical lines.  Custom Tree Cutters trimmed trees and did a great job of cleaning up the area of downed limbs.  Other vendors on the project were Mark II Lumber and Sherwin Williams.

Again, thanks to all who worked for the benefit of the young people of Emporia and the surrounding area.  



Barbara Wry

Rotary Past President

Rotary Club of Emporia 100th Anniversary
Our Rotary Club celebrated our 100th anniversary in high style with a celebration in Emporia State University's Memorial Ballroom. Teresa Maley lead the planning for this event. She did very well. 60-year Rotary Club member Jack Atherton was recognized. District Governor Chris Ford recognized our Rotary Club's anniversary, and Rotary International President John Germ capped off the evening with a tribute to our club's 100 years in existence.
Jun 20, 2017
Kansas Commissioner of Education
Jun 27, 2017
Induction of new officers and Welcome to the club
Jul 11, 2017
Newman Medical Partners Cardiology
Jul 25, 2017
Catch and Release Fishing Contest
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