Program for This Week: Past Rotary Club Presidents
As part of the celebration of our club's 100th year, Sam Purohit is organizing our past club presidents to come forward and provide highlights of their presidential term, what experiences stand out, or what club projects were accomplished? Is should be an interesting program, so come show your support for our past club presidents.
Happy Bucks to KCSL
Happy Bucks add up over a three month period. Happy Bucks collected this quarter are being donated to the Kansas Children's Service League, so be generous!
McKenzie Cinelli - What's New at NRH?
McKenzie Cinelli, Business Development at Newman Regional Health, provided a brief picture of what is new at NRH at our club meeting. Here are a few briefs:
  • New births at MRH Women's Life Center grew from 403 in 2015 to 447 in 2016.
  • Patient feedback continues to show improving patient experiences.
  • Two new cardiology doctors are starting in April.
  • NRH is ranked in the top 10 hospitals in Kansas, and in the top 50 hospitals in the United States.
  • A $45,000 grant for a new hyperbaric chamber has been announced, ensuring the arrival of that service to NRH.
Larry Dimmitt - Our Rotary Foundation
Larry Dimmitt...Member of the Topeka Downtown Rotary Club...Past District Governor of District 5710...Regional Foundation Coordinator for Zone 27...and now a Rotary International Director for 2018-2020.
Our club was honored to have Larry come to speak about the Rotary Foundation. It started in 1917...100 years old now. Arch Klump had the idea that Rotary needed an endowment. It was proposed and approved, and the first deposit to the new foundation was a contribution by the Kansas City Rotary Club of $26.50. It has grown to over $1 billion now, with annual contributions of $120 million and $100 million to the Polio Plus campaign. Since the Polio Plus campaign started in 1985, 350,000 cases of polio worldwide has decreased to 35 cases per year now. 
What is the future of Rotary?
  • We need to increase membership...especially in the United States. Rotary has 1.2 million members, which is the same as 10 years ago. New members from the younger generation and women are needed.
  • Increase support to the Rotary Foundation, and take advantage of the programs that are offered by the Foundation. Only half of the Rotary Clubs take advantage of foundation grants. 
  • Tell the world about Rotary in order to attract more members. There is more competition to Rotary.
Emporia Rotary Club - A Few Facts
Larry Dimmitt provided a few facts about our Emporia Rotary Club's history and support to the Rotary Foundation.
  • The Downtown Topeka Rotary Club sponsored the Emporia Rotary Club back in 1917.
  • 40 Paul Harris Fellows
  • Several members in the Paul Harris Society, composed of members who make regular monthly contributions to the Rotary Foundation.
  • STAR Club - $100 per capita contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Actually our club averages $136 per member...higher than the $126 per member district average.
  • $500,000 donated to the Rotary Foundation over the years.
New Emporia Rotary Membership Incentive
Last fall, District Governor Chris Ford challenged all Rotary clubs to increase membership by 20%, or 14 new members for our club. The first step in getting new members is to ask a person who may be interested in joining to come to a meeting. To encourage this very thing, we are offering some incentives. 
When a Rotarian brings a potential member for the first time, the Rotarian will receive $5 in Chamber Bucks. When that new member is inducted, the sponsoring Rotarian will receive $20 in Chamber Bucks.
The incentive runs January through June, 2017.
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Brooklyn Bustos and Hillary Becker from Big Brothers Big Sisters in Emporia provided our club with some information on how this organization is improving the lives of kids who need help. Working with kids 5-17 years old, prospective bigs undergo extensive due diligence, including 5 background checks, an interview and a home visit to make sure that the kids they work with are kept safe.
  • A new activity room is now available for the kids and their bigs in the small strip center on West 12th Avenue, just east of Newman Regional Health. 
  • Super Bowl for Kids is their big February 4th fund raiser that features team bowling.
Both Brooklyn and Hillary started out as volunteers in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Now they help to administer the program.
No Rotary Club Meeting March 21
On March 21, the Emporia Country Club is booked. A decision has been made not to have a meeting on that date.
Dustin Malone - EHS Wrestling
Dustin Malone, in his third year as head wrestling coach of Emporia High School, told our Rotary Cub about his young and inexperienced team. Dustin has been involved in Emporia wrestling for most of his life. 
Jan 31, 2017
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Feb 07, 2017
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