Rotary Meeting at Salvation Army January 3
Our meeting this week will be at the Salvation Army. We will get an opportunity to experience the area that we updated last spring with a catered lunch from Casa Ramos. It should be a fun time! Go to 4th and Constitution, southwest corner.
Dustin Malone will be speaking on Emporia High School's wrestling program.
Rotary Club Donations to our Community
Our Rotary Club generously donates to several great causes in our community!
  • $250 to the Emporia Community Foundation Match Day
  • $370 Happy Bucks donation this quarter to the Boy Scouts
  • $820 in donations to the Salvation Army from our December Christmas collection
Tim North PHF + 6
Tim North was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow + 6 for his significant contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Foundation Chair Richard Duncan recognized Tim with his pin of appreciation.
Tom Thompson Visits Ludenscheid, Germany Rotary Club
Rotarian Tom Thompson, whose family has hosted several Rotary Exchange Students in their home, has built a special relationship with one Rotary Exchange Student, Beatrice Schneider and her family from Ludenscheid, Germany. Tom and his family recently visited Beatrice and her family in Ludenscheid, and returned with a banner from the Rotary Club of Ludenscheid.   
Tom Mais - Paul Harris Fellow + 4
Rotarian Tom Harris was recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow + 4 for his contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Foundation Chairman Richard Duncan bestowed the honor on Tom.
An Exploration of What Christmas is All About
Rev. Phyllis Stutzman, pastor at the Emporia Presbyterian Church, provided some inspiration on the good news, the miracles, the relevancy and the controversies of the Christmas holiday in an an exploration of what Christmas is all about. As humankind applies the Truth of the Christmas story to our imperfect everyday lives through our relationships with others, it is where the rubber meets the road.  
The results include a person who during one Christmas season wrote a $48,000 check to pay off every layaway item in one particular Walmart store as a gift from an anonymous donor...and the controversies of family conflict that well up in holiday family get togethers...and the tradition of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special speaking the Truth of the Bible on national television every year since 1965 (which almost didn't happen but for the unlikely commercial insistence Coca Cola), and has become the second longest-running Christmas Special on television.
How the story of the original Christmas is translated and applied in the real world of today makes it as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. For this Truth of Christmas continues to be the Light that shines in the darkness that will not be overcome. Merry Christmas, everyone!
It Sounds a Lot Like Christmas
It's always great to get to hear the sounds of Christmas to put you in the Christmas spirit. Sarah Bays and Emporia High School's Viva Voce did it again. They performed a variety of Christmas songs at our club meeting.
Musical Instruments Provided to Local Church
Back on November 8, Rotarian Harold Frye described how his family has tirelessly shared his son Jeremy's love for music with others. His foundation recently provided two music instruments to Tim North, for Twelfth Avenue Baptist Church's worship band.
ESU Men's Basketball
Dwayne Paul, Emporia State University men's assistant basketball coach, represented head coach Shaun Vandiver at our club meeting. Coach Paul said that he experiences a good personal relationship with Coach Vandiver, who balances work with family in his program. This year's team has some older players who are inexperienced. These players are stepping into a role that they have not experienced before now. Their first six of eight games are on the road, which is preparing them for the adversity of conference play. 
This team is practicing well now. They are beginning to understand what they need to do to be a good team (how hard they need to play and the things that they need to do off the court to give them a chance to win games). Their two freshmen, Duncan Fort and Jack Dale, have been redshirted. They are realizing that they need to make a lot of improvements to remain consistent in college play. 
ESU Womens' Basketball
Jory Collins, Emporia State University women's head basketball coach, provided a close-up of his team at our club meeting. Pointing out that the leadership of his juniors and seniors are helping to carry their team, and hold the underclassmen to a higher standard. These underclassmen are rapidly improving and are making significant contributions in the games so far. The tam has a great culture, is very competitive, and has attracted quality individuals. Ranked number 1 in the country, ESU starts MIAA conference play next week. Coach Collins stated that he has already signed two new recruits who are highly skilled. Expectations are high for these recruits due to their success in high school.
Jan 03, 2017
EHS Wrestling
Jan 17, 2017
District Foundation Committee Chair
Jan 24, 2017
Big Brothers Big Sisters
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