Posted by Jim Wayman on Dec 08, 2020
Adapt and press forward is the theme these days on Emporia State University's Women's Basketball team according to Toby Wynn, in his third year as head coach of the team. They are working at maintaining a sense of positivity with each other on the team while keeping their circle small in order to try to stay healthy. The team has weekly COVID testing every Monday. Toby himself tested positive with no symptoms, and has to be quarantined for fourteen days. Kyle Unruh stepped in and coached the last game that the women played. One player recently tested positive and the whole team ended up being quarantined for fourteen days. This created a longer break from play than was anticipated. Now there are no more games until after the Christmas break. 
ESU's record is 2-1 with their loss from Kearny. Some teams have been able to play six games at this point in time. With 22 games this season, it is going to be a challenge to get them all in. 11 games are required to play post season, and only 6 teams from our region get to play. This makes every game important. "It is really important that we do what we do really, really well," said Coach Wynn.