Posted by Jim Wayman on Oct 30, 2018
Newman Regional Health, like several employers in Emporia, is looking for some good people to fill several skilled positions that are unfilled right now.
Jim Crump, the Director of Imaging at NRH, has been an x-ray technologist for 33 years. His position has changed a lot over the years. Now he handles all digital images. Such positions at NRH are required to have good bedside manners since they work directly with lots of people. There is a lot of demand for people who hold the right skills to do this job. This job requires a two- or a four-year degree, and it has a $42,000 starting wage.
Calvin Murphy is a Lab Director at NRH, and has been a clinical lab scientist since 1991. There is currently a great need for lab scientists. Helping people is his passion. At NRH, most all of the testing is completed in-house.
Kaylene Leek is currently the Interim Director of the Intensive Care Unit, and has worked at NRH for the past ten years as part of the nursing staff. There are 53 staff members in this unit at NRH. There is a good career track for those with the right cultural fit. Seven nursing positions at NRH are unfilled at this time with nursing shortages nationwide. An entry-level position pays $22.00 per hour working three 12-hour shifts per week. 
It sounds like that there are quite a few positions right here in Emporia for young adults with the right skills.