Posted by Jim Wayman on Dec 08, 2020
Emporia State University Men's Basketball Coach "Cowboy" Craig Doty said at our Rotary Club meeting that "COVID has consumed our lives as coaches to the point in which we are spending most of our time as logistics managers." At this point in their season, Coach Doty's team is 3-0, all to MIAA opponents. Coach Doty received his recent nickname after organizing the ESU teams to wear cowboy hats at a game at Hays when they tried mixing it up to create a different atmosphere on the road to liven things up in a COVID-laden atmosphere.
The team stays in small bubbles to try to stay healthy and to keep from spreading anything to anyone else. Despite their efforts, two players tested positive. College athletes are not likely to get seriously ill, but they can be parties who can spread the virus to others in the community. The team has not practiced since November 27, and are getting out of sync. 
There are a small number of games this season, and no more non-conference games. As a result every game is important, and they have to go with their best players all the time. In this situation, unfortunately walk-ons don't get a chance to play.