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Posted by Jim Wayman on Oct 10, 2017
Doug Bjerkaas, Events Coordinator at Dynamic Discs, has recently coordinated the largest disc golf tournament in the history of the Professional Disc Golf Association. The 2016 Glass Blown Open had 1,120 players (nine countries and forty-two states) who participated in Emporia. In fact, Doug was named the Top Tournament Director for the PDGA for 2016. At our Rotary Club meeting, we learned about the Junior Worlds Disc Golf Championships that will be held in Emporia in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Awarding a site three years in a row is unprecedented. Emporia is gaining a reputation. Our town has been named the best place to play disc golf, and the home of the two best disc golf tournaments by disc golfers themselves. 
Dynamic Discs is busy creating excitement for the sport in other ways as well. They are working with ESU to create a college club team. There are 40-50 college teams that go to the collegiate championships. They are also working with Emporia High School to build an EHS club team to compete with other high school club teams.
Emporia events to put on our calendars:
Dynamic Discs and Emporia together are earning a reputation as a great host for disc golf tournaments in one of the fastest growing sports based on PDGA membership growth, the growth of PDGA sanctioned tourneys, and the growth in the number of disc golf courses.
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Posted on Oct 03, 2017
Mike Perigo, who is the Executive Director of Newman Regional Health Foundation, joined our Rotary Club recently. We are thrilled and privileged to have Mike as a new member.
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Posted on Oct 03, 2017
Lorrin Ochs attended our Rotary Club meeting as a recipient of one of our Rotary Club's Flint Hills Technical College scholarships. Lorrin told our club that the scholarship that she received has made a difference in her education. A card that she gave to President Stuart Symmonds stated:
I am sincerely grateful for the scholarship that has been awarded to me under your club's name. I was thrilled to get my mail and find a letter telling me that I had been awarded this scholarship.
I have been pursuing the dental field as my career goal for quite some time now. This scholarship will allow me to take my final step in becoming a Registered Dental Hygienist. I appreciate the help you have given me to continue my education and better my life! I am working very hard to maintain my grades as well as keeping up with my family's and community's activities.
This scholarship will not only help me fulfill a dream, but it also makes it possible for students like me to concentrate on school, without the additional financial pressure.
Thank you so much for providing this scholarship.
Lorrin Ochs
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Oct 03, 2017
It seems that many of the more interesting Rotary Club programs are those featuring our own members. This time, it featured several of our own who were talking about what is it that they like about our Rotary Club meetings. Sam Purohit asked several club members to give their own personal views. Some Rotarians have been members for quite a long time, while other a comparably shorter period.
Jack Atherton, who is a 60-year Rotary Club veteran, said he gets a kick out of the past occupational talks from our own members. We should bring them back.
Gary Ace, a member since 1972, said that Rotary has become a integral part of his life. What memories that stand out for him are the camaraderie, the singing, and getting to meet the students attending our club meetings.
Tim North, a 1974 Rotary Club member, cited several highlights:
  • donations going to great causes
  • the dictionary project has been one of his favorites
  • interacting with kids
  • Interact Club
  • Rotary Club acquaintances.
Richard Duncan cited the Rotary Foundation, and great causes where it invests it's funds.
Thanks, Sam for creating another great Rotary program! All of these ideas of past Rotary Club traditions and standouts give food for thought for ideas for the future.
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Sep 26, 2017
Dr. Marc Fusaro, Associate Professor of Economics and the Director of the Center for Business and Economic Development at Emporia State University, announced at our Rotary Club meeting a new ESU Economic Index produced by the Center for Business and Economic Development at ESU. According to Dr. Fusaro, this index will provide more timely information on our local Kansas economy than other economic indicators that are not typically available until several months later. To be rolled out at the Emporia Area Economic Outlook Conference on October 26 at ESU, this index will utilize several metrics that are combined into a single index providing economic indicators estimating the state of the local Kansas economy. Various metrics included in the index are those that measure the Kansas labor market, the Kansas housing market, and Kansas import & export data. The results are to be compared to other states in our region. Data for the second quarter of 2017 provide an early indication of a continuing upward economic movement for Kansas. 
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Sep 19, 2017
Each year our club contributes toward the cost of two high schoolers who have finished their sophomore year to attend the RYLA Conference at Lawrence. Storm Dial enthusiastically described his experiences at RYLA, and is applying his leadership skills in the many activities of which he is involved at Emporia High School. One principle he is trying to practice is "leading from behind"...he is learning not to micro-manage others but encouraging others to get involved and coaching them to succeed. Storm's favorite activity is STUCO. He enjoys meeting and interacting with others and getting involved. It looks like Storm is actively practicing leadership skills every day!
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