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Posted by Jim Wayman on Mar 13, 2018
Greg Bachman introduced Emma Fornelli, who provided a whole different perspective of ESU baseball from her perspective of being the daughter of the team coach. As a senior at Emporia High School, Emma has enjoyed life at Emporia High as well as getting to participate in ESU baseball as a spectator who has an insight to what is really going on from knowing her father. Her baseball vocabulary is much higher than her non-baseball peers, even though she and her sisters don't even play the game except the occasional game of catch in the back yard. Some of her lesson learned:
  • When you make a mistake, learn from it and move on.
  • Losing builds character.
  • Have a bigger picture than yourself...there are other players on the team, too.
  • Keep your head up
Emma's immediate future is to study biology at KU.
Emma Fornelli - Daughter of Coach Bob Fornelli Jim Wayman 2018-03-13 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jim Wayman on Mar 13, 2018
Greg Bachman introduced Julia Joseph, a junior on the ESU volleyball team. Julia is from Wichita, and said that the best thing about being an athlete at ESU is the people that she meets and gets to engage. She is a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Group, and gets to help organize community projects involving ESU athletes. One of her challenges is balancing a schedule that involves athletic workouts, sleep, class, studying and a social life in college. She has learned about using her time wisely, and has grown as a person as a result. Julia is a health major, studying physical therapy. The ESU volleyball team has 15 members of the team returning for the spring season. They have two new freshmen coming next fall to join their team.
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Posted on Mar 06, 2018
Daphne Mertens, who works for Crosswinds Counseling & Wellness and Emporia State University, told our club about the grants that have been administered for a healthier community in Lyon County. There have been several different grants since 2014. 
Blue Cross Blue Shield Pathways for Healthier Living awarded a three-year grant for various activities that promote resident and community well-being. Vacant lots are being turned into community gardens in areas known as "food deserts". Grants are available to businesses participating in worksite wellness, with grants of $10,000 available.
Kansas Department of Health& Environment has awarded a grant of which a portion is being used for Maynard School cross walks. A bike share is being organized starting at 26 bikes with the MUPP Board coordinating. Other grants include promotions that encourage walking versus riding in the EmporiaCommunity.
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Feb 13, 2018
Rotary Exchange Student Ariana Bejamaer from Romania briefly told our club of her positive experience as an exchange student. She told us about her learning about the cultural diversity and developing a mutual understanding with others who she got to know. It was a pleasure to have Ariana at our club meeting.
Rotary Exchange Student Ariana Bejamaer from Romania Jim Wayman 2018-02-13 06:00:00Z 0
Posted on Feb 13, 2018
Former Rotary Club of Emporia member Dr. Kay Shellenkamp visited our club and exchanged Rotary banners. Kay is currently a member of the Northern Black Hills Rotary Club in Spearfish, SD.
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Posted by Jim Wayman on Feb 13, 2018
Dr. Tim Harris told our Rotary Club that the W. S. & E. C. Jones Breast Care Center at Newman Regional Health already is developing a history of catching early problems that allows faster diagnosis of cases that would develop into cancers later. Started in 2012, the Breast Care Center performs 2,000 mammograms per day, and finds 90 breast cancers annually. This facility in Emporia is saving lives.
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